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  Xi'an University of Science and Technology has a long history and profound foundation. The history of the University can be traced back to the Mining and Metallurgy Department of Engineering College in Peiyang University which was established in 1895. In 1938, it was moved and combined to the Department of Mining and Metallurgy of Northwest Institute of Technology. In 1957, it was merged into Xi'an Jiaotong University. In 1958, it was separated from Xi'an Jiaotong University and the Xi'an Mining Institute was established independently. At that time, it was one of the two five-year undergraduate institutes subordinate to the former Ministry of Coal Industry.In 1998, the Institute implemented the principle that "the central and local government shall jointly build the school and it shall be mainly administrated by the local government". The Institute was transferred to Shaanxi Province.In 1999, it was renamed as Xi'an Institute of Science and Technology. In 2003, it was renamed as Xi'an University of Science and Technology.



The Xi'an University of Science and Technology is jointly established by the State Administration of Work Safety and the people's government of Shaanxi Province. And the University has been implementing the education and training Program of Excellent Engineer of Ministry of Education, the pursuing PhD overseas program for the country to build first-class university, the national distinctive key discipline program and the basic capacity building project in national middle-west universities, striving to build the first-class University in Shaanxi Province.In 2004, the University obtained an excellent grade in the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching level of the Ministry of Education.It has won the title of "Civilized Campus", "Safe Campus" and "Garden Unit" in Xi'an.




With an coverage of 1,210,000 square meters, the University has the Yanta and the Lintong campuses, incorporating a graduate school and 20 colleges (departments). It has national key disciplines in safety technology and engineering, and 8 provincial-level superior (key) disciplines covering 46 secondary disciplines.It has 18 provincial and ministerial level research institutes and 1 innovation team of the Ministry of Education, including the national key laboratory of coal energy quality separation, cleaning and conversion, the national key laboratory of coal industry mining engineering (provincial and ministerial level), and the engineering research center of the Western Coal Mine Safety Education Department.There are 8 national distinctive majors, 11 provincial distinctive majors, 1 national quality course, 1 national quality resource sharing class, 67 provincial quality resource sharing courses (quality courses), and 2 provincial bilingual teaching demonstration courses, 1 national teaching team, 28 provincial teaching teams, 1 national talent training model innovation experimental area, 15 provincial talent training model innovation experimental areas, 2 national experimental teaching demonstration centers (virtual simulation experiment teaching centers), 16 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers (virtual simulation experiment teaching centers). Since the implementation of the "11th Five-Year Plan", it has won two national teaching achievement awards.




The University now has 6 postdoctoral research stations, 7 primary discipline doctoral programs, 40 subordinate discipline doctoral programs, 25 primary discipline master programs, 107 subordinate discipline master programs, and 17 culture fields of engineering masters, 1 Master of Business Administration (MBA) professional degree authorization point and 1 Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc) professional degree authorization point, 57undergraduate professions, forming the educational pattern characterized by geology, safety and related disciplines with engineering as the main body, coordinating with Engineering, Science, Literature, Management, Law, Economics, and Arts. There are 23,000 full-time students.



There are more than 2,300 faculty members, over 1,300 full-time teachers and more than 600 professors and associate professors. Among the teachers, there are more than 1,100 persons with master and doctor degrees,including an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 distinguished professors of the "Changjiang Scholars Program", 2 members of disciplinary council of the State Council Academic Degree Committee, 2 persons of "National Special Support Program for High-level Personnel Recruitment" scientific and technological innovation leading talents, 6 candidates of National "Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent" Project, 8 candidates of the New Century Excellent Talents Support Project of Ministry of Education, 12 candidates of the provincial "Three-Five Talent Project",3 Distinguished Professors from the "Three Qin Scholars" in Shaanxi Province, and 35 persons of the "Hundreds Program" in Shaanxi Province, 43 persons enjoying special allowance of State Council and 14 persons of Youth Science and Technology Stars of Shaanxi Province. The University also has a team of high-level part-time teachers composed of 300 experts and professors, including 15 double employed academicians.


  Since the implementation of the "12th Five-Year Plan", the University has undertaken more than 5,800 scientific research projects, including over 340 national key projects, such as National Key Basic Research Program( "973 Program"), National High Technology Research and Development Program of China("863 Program"), National Science and Technology Support Program, National Natural Science Foundation of China and National Social Science Fund of China. The total amount of scientific research funds has reached 1 billion yuan and has obtained 5 national science and technology progress awards, more than 220 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological achievements awards; And more than 3,700 patents have been issued.



The University has established stable and friendly cooperative relations with nearly 60 universities and research institutions in more than 20 countries and regions including the United States, Britain, Russia, Japan, the Netherlands and Australia. As one of the founding institutions of the "1+2+1 Sino-US Talent Development Program" project, the Xi'an University of Science and Technology has jointly conducted two Sino-foreign cooperation projects with the University of Tasmania and Macquarie University. The Xi'an University of Science and Technology has jointly launched the "1+2+1 Sino-US Double Degree Program" with universities in the United States, and has carried out undergraduate and postgraduate exchange programs with universities in Malaysia and other countries and regions, as well as over 30 short-term overseas (international) exchange learning projects such as "paid internship programs in the United States". The University has recruited doctoral, master and undergraduate international students from 18 countries to study at the University.


For more than 60 years, under the leadership of the Ministry of Education, the former Ministry of Coal Industry, the CPC Shaanxi Province Committee, and the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government, several generations of XUST people have worked hard and made strenuous efforts to combine talent training, scientific research and social services together. More than 140,000 senior professionals have made important contributions to the coal industry and regional economic and social development.





Looking ahead, Xi'an University of Science and Technology will adhere to the excellent school spirits of "unity, diligence, factualism and innovation" and the "populus diversifolia" spirits of "inspirational and ceaseless self-improvement", and be committed to making reforms and pioneering innovations, and strive to establish Xi'an University of Science and Technology as first-class high-level teaching and research university in China, making new and greater contributions to serving the regional economy, society and industry development!(Updated in March 2019)






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